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Empowering Tomorrow’s Sustainability Leaders

GreenLoop offers tailored training programs to educate organizations on core sustainability principles and best practices. Our services aim to equip teams with the necessary knowledge and skills for proficient sustainability practices. Our trainings cover ESG principles, GHG accounting, Materiality Assessment, Scope 3 calculations, GRI and BRSR, and Entrepreneurship, empowering clients to adeptly navigate the sustainability realm. including training, to enhance reporting proficiency. Rooted in international theory and practical application, our customized solutions ensure effective learning outcomes for basic and advanced learning. Led by subject matter experts, GreenLoop CleanTech delivers short-term training courses for individuals and organizations. Courses feature interactive sessions, real-world case studies, and scenario simulations, fostering an immersive learning journey conducive to sustainable growth and development.

Module Plan and Delivery

Each module will include interactive lectures, discussions, case studies, and practical exercises to reinforce learning and application of concepts. Guest speakers from industry and academia may be invited to provide additional insights and perspectives. Additionally, participants will have access to supplementary resources, readings, and online forums for further engagement and knowledge exchange.


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